Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yahoo! Intro Post

I thought I might paste my intro from the Yahoo! Group here because this is where I am documenting my participation:
Joining this group seemed somehow like an imperative from a deus ex
machina for me. I am here and not sure why.  Vanessa's comments about
"navigating chaos intuitively" and how this session proved so powerful
for her in the past really resonated with me.
About me:  I have been exploring online learning since I joined a
TESOL online course with Vance in 2003 - gosh, it's really been ten
years since then!  I am a TESOL teacher educator at Long Island U in
New York and many of our courses are online or blended/flipped learning
courses. I use weekly synchronous sessions with webcam and audio for
everyone (that was the focus of that first course I mentioned).
I am active in EVO and have been, at various points, participant,
moderator, mentor, and a member of the coordinating team. I am delighted
to be a participant here and can't wait to meet you all and get started.

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