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video: Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain |
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Well, it just so happens that my Fundamentals of Linguistics class started last week.  It is a flipped learning model, so they watch my interactive lectures each week.  For next week- long story- there is no recording listed on the syllabus.  This video is perfect as a course overview, so I will assign it for next week.  In general, I like to present the material on the videos myself because I know my students and what will work best for them, but why not add a video in there by an amazing thinker and presenter like Pinker! Here is my post to them:
Enjoy one of the great cognitive psychologists of our time, Steven Pinker, as he presents an overview of course concepts.  Come to class with an amazing idea or example that especially resonated with you. Post it on the Wonder Wall and see what others chose to share!
TIP:  to see the text of the video, simply click on CC (Closed Caption) in the control panel that pops up under the video when you place your cursor in the video window.  Also, as in Dr. M's lectures, you can pause, rewind, etc. to manage your learning. 
re: Closed Caption -  I have some International Students who may appreciate the CC feature and may not know about it.
re: Wonder Wall - This is a student constructed space for queries, comments, and peer teaching.

So -  "intuitive chaos navigation" has already yielded a great result!  The irony is that I am normally so linear that this is a challenge for me.  Having this happen so early in the MultiMOOC, however, is fortuitous, and I will take that as a positive sign that bodes well for my paradigm shift, or at least my becoming a bit more willing to go with the flow.