Saturday, January 19, 2013

Orienting Myself

This week I spent some time exploring the wiki and seeing how it was set up, reading the Getting Started section and the Week 1 Orient section, posting my intro in the Yahoo! Group and joining the recommended online spaces.  All the spaces seem to be interconnected somehow - I kept seeing some of the same material in various locations.  Not sure yet which of the spaces I will be using actively and which I will let go... So far, the wiki seems the best place to serve as the session anchor point.
I also learned a little about ePortfolios, which our school uses for students.  It seems a bit amorphous at this point, but I did check out: What are e-portfolios and what impact will they have on you?  So, now I have some idea of what the possibilities are.  I also signed up to follow Vance's main blog  where he keeps his ePortfolio as a blog roll.
I feel oriented.

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